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Making Routes is a network and online resource for researchers and practitioners who are on the move: using journeys in creative or challenging ways; forging new paths through troubled places; or travelling experimentally with art and ideas.

The network has been convened by Laura Bissell (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) and David Overend (University of Edinburgh) since 2011. It includes members from around the world, with diverse interests and practices.

This website is a place to share your projects, read our blogs and publications, and connect with others working in this dynamic field.

Hope Street Walk

A walk for Hope Street in Glasgow. Available as an audio walk here. Full text below.

1. Please use your own mobile device with headphones to experience this walk.
2. The audio track is available on Soundcloud. The app can be downloaded in advance and the track is available at the link above.
3. The starting point is on the steps…

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George Finlay-Ramsay's CASTOROCENE

Emerging (partly) from our workshop on 'landscaping with beavers' at his home at Bamff, George Finlay-Ramsay has shared his 'film pome', CASTOROCENE. Recently published in Rupert Journal:

“The world went out like a candle” – a husky voice and yellow subtitles open up George Finlay-Ramsay’s film poem CASTOROCENE. Although “the world went out like a cockerel”, the name suggests…

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Seeking the Sea: Performance in a Pandemic

An article I had published earlier this year opens with the line “Performance as an art form is live, ephemeral, and of the moment” (Cultural Geographies, April 2020). Are these words still relevant in the context of this global pandemic?

As a performance-researcher I am keen to examine the way in which contemporary performance-making responds to social, political, ecological and cultural events. I have previously written about the flurry of creative activity which was…

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Over the last two years we have been investigating an inexorable web of entanglement between story and place that has emerged during creative research projects. In the following essay we will recount how our experiences working on two such projects during the time of Covid have informed our understanding of the nature of this entanglement and reflect on…

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  • Description:

    Entanglements is a hybrid event, weaving together fragments of text, film, movement and conversation, from Karen Christopher (performance maker), David Overend and Laura Bissell.

    Entanglements combines existing artworks and publications with open dialogue and creative responses, creating something new in the moment of presentation and opening a…

  • Created by: David Overend