George Finlay-Ramsay's CASTOROCENE

Emerging (partly) from our workshop on 'landscaping with beavers' at his home at Bamff, George Finlay-Ramsay has shared his 'film pome', CASTOROCENE. Recently published in Rupert Journal:

“The world went out like a candle” – a husky voice and yellow subtitles open up George Finlay-Ramsay’s film poem CASTOROCENE. Although “the world went out like a cockerel”, the name suggests that one furry dweller is now left in peace to live his life and maybe even reign supreme. The 16mm camera mutes and blurs colours of the verdant environment just enough to allow the richness of Finlay-Ramsay’s language to blossom. And in the end, nobody really reigns supreme, as CASTOROCENE playfully tells a story of a world, where the tip of a tongue tickles and a dainty rodent wiggles.

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