8964277266?profile=originalThis text is from Adrian’s contribution to the Making Routes launch event at the Arches in Glasgow on 23/09/11

The impact travelling and making journeys to different countries and locations around the world has had on my evolving arts practice...


This impact has happened in 3 major ways:


Firstly, by taking my work to a diverse range of countries and cultures, these trips have then directly influenced my thinking and ideas for other, new pieces of work, because of a qualitative and an experiential encounter with that country: meeting its peoples and engaging in its culture, traditions and customs.


Secondly, because it is fundamental to the ethos of my work and my personal philosophy, I IDEALLY create work for everyone and anyone, irrespective of cultural background, race, ethnicity, religion etc., the performance of my work in this eclectic and diverse range of countries and cultures directly informs me about the connection with and responses to it by different audiences from different cultural backgrounds and helps the piece to continue to evolve and develop.


Thirdly, there’s a kind of inevitable two-way traffic situation because of the cultural and artistic exchange that frequently takes place. Very often there are orchestrated opportunities for dialogue, learning and skill sharing between different artists and their disciplines, which in turn influences the work created and developed by myself and those artists, who then take that work back into their own communities.

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