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Theatre and the Nomadic Subject - A Mobile Train Conference 7-11th April Helsinki to Rovaniemi

Today David Overend and I presented a paper about our recent commuting project entitled

"Rhythmic Routes: Developing a nomadic performance practice for the daily commute". It has been a really exciting few days so far. Here is the programme for the event:

Monday 7 April – Helsinki

17.00- 20.00 Opening session at Lavaklubi (cellar bar of the Finnish National Theatre, Läntinen teatterikuja 1)

Tuesday 8 April – Train Helsinki –…


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Reimagining my Commute - The Journey in Signs







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David Overend Walks Route 77

Walking Route 77

March 2014 …


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Imagining Travel

Paper presented at Into the New Symposium, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Arches, Glasgow, January 2014

My journey begins with what Laura Watts (2008) calls ‘imagined desire’ - a vision of flying across the Atlantic Ocean, exploring a new city in temperatures down to the minus 20s. I am travelling as co-director of Bullet Catch by Rob Drummond; a touring theatre show produced by the Arches. Together with Rob and our…


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São Paulo, June 2013


After a particularly uncomfortable and severely delayed two-day journey from Charleston to São Paulo, we slump down with a beer in a hotel bar and attempt to wind down. This is the reality of touring theatre – far from home, exhausted and disoriented, desperate for a drink. We have been…


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World Wide Wandering

E found that early attempts at wandering through Paris and London were frequently thwarted by the irresistible pull of the iPhone Maps application. How could e follow the psychogeographical contours of the city when the multinational data gatherers had been there already, rendering the streets and boulevards hopelessly knowable and searchable? Leaving the technology at home seemed disingenuous; a desperate nostalgic hankering for a bygone age before mobile internet. The city was no longer…


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David Overend is Misguided in Ayr

Eight walkers assembled behind the train station for the second walk of the day. A smaller group than earlier, but all eager and willing to be misguided by Phil Smith, who had never visited Ayr before. Phil selected three walkers to carry unidentified objects, wrapped in tea towels, and over the course…


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David Overend attends the launch of Community Spirit

The crew of Community Spirit at the launch event in Emsworth, Hampshire

I was drawn to this project from the beginning. Following progress online, I watched the collection and selection of hundreds of wooden objects, the design of the vessel, and the…


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Adrian Howells discusses the impact of travelling on his evolving arts practice

This text is from Adrian’s contribution to the Making Routes launch event at the Arches in Glasgow on 23/09/11…


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Ishbel McFarlane shares her first impressions of performing Even in Edinburgh/Glasgow

First impressions of things I learned from doing my show Even in Edinburgh/Glasgow on the train between Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Queen Street as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011:…


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David Overend explores pathways in performance

My direction? Anywhere. Because one is always nearer by not keeping still.…


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