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Minutes for meetings 27/10/11 and 23/09/11

Minutes for meeting on 27th October 2011

Present: David Overend, Maca Andrews, Ishbel McFarlane, Farida Mutawalli, Alan Steel, Laura Bissell

Thanks to Claudie Baker-Park for minuting the discussion at the Arches event on 23/09/11. These are summarised at the end of this document.

- DO noted that the purpose of these meetings was to make the organisation as democratic as possible and that the range of experience of the wider Making Routes membership will be invaluable in developing future activity. As a result, these meetings are for everybody who wants to attend and no ‘apologies’ will be necessary.

- The minutes will be circulated among those present, who are welcome to edit and add comments, before being sent to everyone on the mailing list.

- DO is investigating a new web platform as the current site is considered inadequate for the network.

- The main focus of this meeting was the possibility of another Making Routes event incorporating many of the offers, suggestions and ideas from the September event.

- Phil Smith and Nic Green both offered to run events (see below) and it was felt that these could be ‘satellite’ events around a small symposium similar to the September event.

- The main even is likely to take place at the University of the West of Scotland Ayr campus and may include bus journeys from Glasgow with papers, performances or presentations happening during the journey. UWS have offered to support the event.

- We also discussed the possibility of finding an alternative site. AS suggested a site in Irvine.

- A number of dates were suggested; April being the most popular. DO will discuss possibilities with UWS.

- We brainstormed ideas for strands and themes for Making Routes, including FM’s suggestion of inner journeys which was discussed at the Arches event. See the attached image, which DO suggests you could print off, add to, rescan and email back to all.

- We also discussed the possibility of a Making Routes scratch night at the Arches. DO to discuss this possibility with the programming team at the Arches.

- The next meeting will take place at 6pm on 19th January in the UWS room at the CCA in Glasgow. All welcome. RSVP to david.overend@uws.ac.uk

Minutes for meeting on 23rd September 2011

“Making Routes” Discussion

• We could go for a walk together, our own ‘mis-guided tour’

• Postcard communication – perhaps there could be a “Making Routes” address and participants in the group could send postcards to it from their travels

• ‘Nic’s Night Walk’ – could start at Nic’s house (in the Dark Sky area) have a night walk and chat then a fire and either head home (car share?) or camp

• Regular meetings monthly / six-monthly?

• The walk could be the meeting – a walk followed by somewhere to sit and continue chat (the pub?)

• Phil offered to come up and get us started with our mis-guided walks

• Heritage Trails and Doors Open Days already in existence are often a bit ‘dry’ – we could create an act of ‘counter-tourism’!

• An online trail of reflective spots that people can use to find a place to retreat and think where ever they may be – these spots could start local and then be world-wide!

• Inner journeys – there could be an opportunity to perhaps have a guided meditation followed by discussion or something creative like painting or movement...

• Using the ‘blog’ space on the website to share work / creativity / thoughts / experiences to enthuse and inspire each other and collaborative practice

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