a network and online resource for researchers and practitioners working with mobilities in contemporary performance

Present: David Overend, Laura Bissell, Jesse Phillippi


- DO has been commissioned to write a study room guide on performance and journeys for the Live Art Development Agency.

Member Activity

- Over the next year we are keen to organise a series of journeys led by members. These events will be instrumental in growing and developing the network. Two journeys are currently being planned but all members are encouraged to contribute their own events, which will be programmed at the meetings:

  1. Phil Smith will lead a day of walking in Ayr in late September / October. This will be supported by the University of the West of Scotland. DO organising with UWS and potentially the Arches. 
  2. Nic Green will lead a visit to the dark skies park in Galloway over the summer. This will also be supported by UWS. LB and DO organising.

- Members are also encouraged to contribute text, images, etc. to the Blog.

International Event

- An international conference / symposium event including performances and workshops will now take place in 2013 at the new UWS campus in Ayr. The content of this event will be planned with UWS nearer the time.


- The development of the Making Routes website will now take longer than originally planned. In the meantime, DO is setting up a temporary Ning site.

Next Meeting

- The next meeting will take place at 6pm on Thursday 24th May in the UWS room at the CCA in Glasgow. All welcome. RSVP to david.overend@uws.ac.uk

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