a network and online resource for researchers and practitioners working with mobilities in contemporary performance

Present: David Overend, Maca Andrews, Ishbel McFarlane, Alan Steel, Laura Bissell, Catherine Stewart, Miquel Rodríguez Telep, Joanna Brown


- We are planning another one-day symposium event, similar to the launch event at the Arches but perhaps with more performances, workshops, etc. included alongside presentations and talks. The format of the event and the invited speakers / presenters / performers will be discussed at the next meeting.

- The proposed date for the event is September 2012 and the proposed venue is the University of the West of Scotland's Ayr campus. There may be a return bus journey from Glasgow incorporated into the event, with performances en route.

- In the meantime, Phil Smith has offered to run a misguiding event in Glasgow, or possibly Ayr, and Nic Green has offered to lead a visit to the dark skies park in Galloway. DO and LB are following up on these possible summer events.

- CS and MRT outlined plans for the development of the Making Routes website. This is an ambitious proposal for a site that will act as the hub of the project and will draw together artistic and academic activity related to journeys and performance. Plans for this website will be discussed further at the next meeting. CS and MRT to distribute 'user questionnaire' prior to the next meeting.

- LB and DO are working on a funding application, primarily to support the development of the website and also to support individual events such as the September symposium.

- The next meeting will take place at 6pm on 29th March in the UWS room at the CCA in Glasgow. All welcome. RSVP to david.overend@uws.ac.uk

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